Eggcellent Work, Danger Member!

Eggcellent Work, Danger Member!

Eggcellent Work, Danger Member!Eggcellent Work, Danger Member!Eggcellent Work, Danger Member!

Only one more puzzle to go!


Read the story below.  Each Danger member's name is underlined and bolded once within the story, with a blank near their name.  Choose the correct word for your name from the magic word list to the right of the story, and text Katie your magic word.  One family member in each household can text all the names and magic words for their household.  Once you send the correct magic words, you will receive a fabulous prize!


The Perfect Easter

Our heroes and heroines begin their Danger Easter celebrations in the idyllic Nolensville countryside at Matar Manor.  Rachel rushes to greet everyone, wearing a blue and white __________ dress, a matching hat, and a dozen plastic necklaces.  James and Katie arrive in a yellow Peep the Jeep filled up by gas fairy Mikey Mike.  Normie Norm and BB arrive on a Harley with a huge stuffed pony tied to the back and speakers blaring __________ .  

Greg brings delicious home-smoked barbeque, and Alli walks into a __________  while bringing a Ceasar’s pizza, much to everyone’s amusement.  Andrew arrives dressed as __________  riding Yoshi, and Rigby wears an amazing __________  costume.  Sweet Penny wears a __________  dress, and talented Ruby solves math problems with Barry and reads __________  books with Katie.  

Carol brings a limitless supply of mint squares, lots of special treats, and a huge bag full of __________  for an exciting Easter relay.  AD brings magic kits, bargain-bin movies, frozen peas, reluctantly-canned pickles, and fun toys for everyone.  To her chagrin, no one will let her play with the __________ .  BB decorates with giant __________  and brings delicious GiGi’s cupcakes.  Mikey Mike delights the kids by setting up __________  and car tracks and joins forces with Christian and Normie Norm to take down a vine, MacGyver style.  Megan’s __________  are at the ready in case anyone gets a splinter or a blackhead.    

As Christian pulls the kids in a wagon attached to his __________ , Katie and Greg debate their differing opinions on lime green kitchens.  Greg remains on constant alert in case he needs to slay any __________  with his bare hands.  

Ruby and Andrew build an impressive pillow fort, and Megan is immediately put on the coveted “always welcome” list.  Barry brings Tomb Raider to play while Rachel and Katie watch, and he makes them happy by agreeing to play __________   Barry and Alli teach Katie and Rachel how to locate the ejector seat in a car, how to sing country music with the right amount of twang, and how to win at sticks with the song “two over two equals four.”

Another fun Danger holiday comes to an end.  But happily, there’s a great big beautiful tomorrow, just a dream away!

Magic Words


The Wonkey Donkey

pink flamingos


magic copier

Minnie Mouse

Boxcar Children

Pretty, Pretty Princess




surgeon hands

lawn mower

Memaw's old hats